The dangers of having exotic pets

All over the country, people keep exotic animals as pets. These can be big cats, monkeys, apes, mammals, birds and even reptiles. All of these are available for sale, usually for a pretty high price as well. The public can easily gain access to these animals, most of which have never been domesticated. As a whole, these exotic animals never make for good pets. They aren’t companions, they aren’t friends, and they definitely aren’t safe. They can be a danger to human life either directly or indirectly through aggression and disease. For example, reptiles like turtles can spread the salmonella bacteria.

The Dangers Are Many and Potent

For some reason, people still seem unable to grasp the full extent of the risk that these animals can have for you. The risks are to health and to the safety of everyone in the household. These animals are typically wild and are very easily carriers of diseases for which people in the Western world have no immunity to, nor do they have any natural resistance developed through evolution of the species. In addition to this, most of these animals are simply not suited to be kept in a closed off space. They are reared in the wild and are usually captured when they are nearly fully grown.

Small Spaces Promote Violent Behavior

To keep an exotic pet like a big cat, you are going to need an actual enclosure. Keeping these animals in cages, or chained up, can lead to them becoming extremely aggressive and even violent. Having a pet of this nature in your home, especially when you have a family, is going to be a huge danger to everyone in the immediate area. This includes yourself and your family as well as your neighbors and the community. The last thing you need is for your leopard to break free of the enclosure and go big game hunting on the sunny streets of your small town.

One of the most common pets to have when you think about exotic animals are monkeys. As babies, they are cute, cuddly balls of fluff. However, as they grow and mature, they tend to have their primal instincts show, becoming a lot more aggressive. Certain species of money are more aggressive than others, such as the chimpanzee. Other types of pets include lions, tigers and other big cats. As babies, all of them look very cute indeed, but as they mature they start to show a side of them that you would be shocked and dismayed to see, but you shouldn’t be. These animals belong in the wild.

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